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welcome to the nightmare

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Friday, June 10th, 2005
10:20 am - RP pics


becuse most of the time, even the mods, get an rp block from not haveing a good pic for thire charicter. so for you all i have pics for you to use.
just tell me wich pic your going to use so it's not used by anther person and we have dubles...
if ya got a pic you want to add just comment and i'll put it on this post...

by the way thire's number's for a resion...to claim a pic tell me the number you chose..
Helping every Rper reach thire dreams of greatness...Collapse )

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9:50 am - work in progress....

okay i'm new to makeing any kind of community/website thingy.

if your an rper tell me what you would like to see on here besides profiles and all that.

if your a fan what can i add to make it more enjoyable and give you more fan service...

so far the mods and i have come up with the following ideas...comment and sugest some more if you like...

charicter profiles
rper profiles
ask the cast (where fans can ask the chars random stuff)(and another one to ask the rpers)

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9:40 am - Hikaru Tsukinata

name:hikaru tsukinata
grade: 7
age: 13
sex: male
classes: P.E. Math, L.A. , Science, Shoji club, and
cram school
extra curricular activitys: TKD.
prefances & sexuality: ?
appearance: the guy not the girl ( my girl friend XD )http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/shikaru777/AT006.jpg
history: he is very kind at times but can also be very
athletic. He likes to day dream but whenever in a
fight he gets serious. He has a katana made by his
gaia screenname: Shikaru777

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9:39 am - Fate Unmei

name: Fate Unmei
grade: 10th
age: 16
sex: Male
classes: Math,English, Science,Art, And Gym
extra curricular activitys: None
prefances & sexuality: Uke Bi
history: Doesn't like to talk about it
gaia screenname: Nightmare4000

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
10:59 am - Arathria

Age: looks about 14
Room#: 37a
Rank: Doll, I obey one person, (tell ya later)
Race: druidess
sexuality & prefance: straight
Apperance: avi with blond hair + wings
personality: shy and innocent
History: unknown
Gaia name: Ari(short for Arathria)

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Friday, May 13th, 2005
12:43 pm - Io

Character name: Io
Age: 19
Room#: ((unsure what to put here for the rank of
Rank: Doll
Race: Lycan
sexuality & prefance: bisexual / (seke)
personality: He keeps to himself for the most part,
but tends to let his curiousity get to him at times.
He has a distaste for large crowds, preferring the
company of smaller groups of people, at the most. It
takes a lot to get him to warm up to anyone.
History: He was born a lycan and abandoned in an old
barn. He was raised by the local farmer out of sheer
pity, but when he turned sixteen, the farmer refused
to raise him any further, since he would often kill
the livestock when under the influence of involuntary
transformation. He still has trouble keeping his
transformations under control.
Appearance: here
Gaia name: (b i r d c a g e)

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12:42 pm - Sota Chan

name: Sota Chan
grade: 10th
age: 16
sex: Male
classes: all regular classes
extra curricular activitys: (if any) works at the tech
lab to fix computers
prefances & sexuality: guys, gay
appearance: The brown haired guy is Sota
history: Is known throughout the school as the crazy
guy but hes a real sweetheart
gaia screenname: Kisarose

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12:42 pm - Megan

name:Meghan (or is there a
spasific name for her?)
grade:9 (")
classes:Japanese, Dance, gym, Musci (are these good?)
extra curricular activitys: dance
prefances & sexuality: guys
history: (um...i'll just make this up?) so, the sister
and the brother were split up when they were children,
and they've been in search for each other ever since.
Both parents sent them here accidentaly, where they
found each other
gaia screenname:underhiswing[/quote]

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12:41 pm - David Valentine

name: David Valentine
grade: 10th
age: 16
sex: Male
classes: Science,Math,English,
extra curricular activitys: Football
prefances & sexuality: Bi
appearance: Black Hair,Blue eyes,6'2
history: He was born near this school so now he goes
gaia screenname: ZAFTPILOTRS[/quote]

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12:41 pm - Kai

name: [b]Kai[/b]
grade: [b]10th[/b]
age: [b]16[/b]
sex: [b]male[/b]
classes: [b]english, math, scince, littrature, art,
and gym[/b]
extra curricular activitys: [b]volleyball[/b] (becuse
it's the only sport i know about in real life)
prefances & sexuality: [b]seke, bisexual [/b]
history: [b]at a young age he was sepirated from his
sister for an unknow resion. however now he just moved
to a new city and a new school, only to find that his
sister is in the same city as he is now. but for some
odd resion when ever he sees her he can't help but
notice how cuite she is. of course he keeps this to
himself, hopeing that these feelings will pass, and
his sister will end up happily with someone who's not
blood related. yet he finds that it's hard for him to
not see his sister, and to not be jelouse when his
friends say how cuite she is.[/b]
gaia screenname:[b]nikris[/b][/quote]

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12:40 pm - welcome...

welcome to aka tsuki....this is the first post so. i'm going to be updateing this thew out the next few weeks...

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