the Cherry fruitcake (land_of_cherrys) wrote in demons_rain,
the Cherry fruitcake


name: [b]Kai[/b]
grade: [b]10th[/b]
age: [b]16[/b]
sex: [b]male[/b]
classes: [b]english, math, scince, littrature, art,
and gym[/b]
extra curricular activitys: [b]volleyball[/b] (becuse
it's the only sport i know about in real life)
prefances & sexuality: [b]seke, bisexual [/b]
history: [b]at a young age he was sepirated from his
sister for an unknow resion. however now he just moved
to a new city and a new school, only to find that his
sister is in the same city as he is now. but for some
odd resion when ever he sees her he can't help but
notice how cuite she is. of course he keeps this to
himself, hopeing that these feelings will pass, and
his sister will end up happily with someone who's not
blood related. yet he finds that it's hard for him to
not see his sister, and to not be jelouse when his
friends say how cuite she is.[/b]
gaia screenname:[b]nikris[/b][/quote]
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