the Cherry fruitcake (land_of_cherrys) wrote in demons_rain,
the Cherry fruitcake


Character name: Io
Age: 19
Room#: ((unsure what to put here for the rank of
Rank: Doll
Race: Lycan
sexuality & prefance: bisexual / (seke)
personality: He keeps to himself for the most part,
but tends to let his curiousity get to him at times.
He has a distaste for large crowds, preferring the
company of smaller groups of people, at the most. It
takes a lot to get him to warm up to anyone.
History: He was born a lycan and abandoned in an old
barn. He was raised by the local farmer out of sheer
pity, but when he turned sixteen, the farmer refused
to raise him any further, since he would often kill
the livestock when under the influence of involuntary
transformation. He still has trouble keeping his
transformations under control.
Appearance: here
Gaia name: (b i r d c a g e)
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